Rather than create a top 10 list of predictions in the marketing communications space, I thought I would do what any good communicator does and research my favorite top 10 lists and rank them in order – one to five.

1. Top 10 Predictions for B2B Marketers in 2011, posted by Elizabeth Sosnow from Bliss PR. My favorite is number five:

The REAL money’s in “content-plus-distribution:” If you can steadily produce ideas of value and then methodically share them across a variety of outlets and audiences, you are very likely to be successful next year.

2. Six Predictions for Digital Advertising in 2011, posted by Jesse Thomas from Mashable. My favorite is number six:

While it’s still unclear exactly how much a Facebook “Like” is worth to a brand, the following video sums up why Facebook is so important. Brands will be tripling down on Facebook advertising in 2011, and the process for acquiring Facebook “Likes” has evolved to accommodate this increase in demand. Instead of doing A/B testing between two photos to see which generates more Facebook “Likes,” the savvier brands and agencies are leveraging technology that can simultaneously deploy 10,000+ ad variations to yield the lowest CPA (cost per acquisition) of those “Likes.”

3. Ten Mobile Marketing Predictions For 2011, posted by Justin on Mobile Marketing Watch. My favorite is number one:

Personalization and privacy will increase effectiveness and credibility of the mobile media as a marketing channel: As mobile technology continues to evolve, mobile marketing messages will become increasingly personalised/relevant. Additionally, the adoption of transparent, permission-based marketing along with the introduction of regulations and applications for blocking unwanted content will help overcome the perception that mobile advertising is nothing but spam. Mobile will be the only truly conversational and measurable medium that can lead to an actual, real-time increase in business-to-consumer transactions.

4. Three Predictions for Social Good in 2011 posted by, Geoff Livingston from Mashable. My favorite is number three:

Improved Corporate Social Good: Thanks to social media, the number of campaigns that joined brands with causes to donate a portion of proceeds hit a new high in 2010. At the same time, companies and their nonprofit affiliates started to receive push back from online citizens about the value of such efforts, whether their social good efforts had any significant impact and how they related to the brand.

As the social Web brought new levels of authenticity to general intra-company and personal communications, this new level of online accountability will require a more authentic corporate social responsibility. Look for more core value ties between cause marketing efforts and actual causes in 2011.

5. Five Predictions for the Public Relations Industry in 2011 posted by Leyl Master Black from Mashable. My favorite is number one:

Social Sharing of News: In a recent article on Forbes.com, entrepreneur Dan Greenberg asserted that the Web has evolved from a network of sites to a network of people. And because you can’t put ads on people, you must now focus on creating content that people will want to consume and share. The same holds true for PR, and next year, we will see more PR strategies that put social sharing at the forefront.

News releases will have more attention-grabbing or controversial headlines to drive more retweets. We’ll see more pitches that seek to seed a contrarian view or spark controversy, both of which will have a better chance of being shared than straight news. There will be more aggressive outreach to influencers on Twitter to ask them to tweet about news and more strategies to provide incentives to tweet or post to Facebook. And PR professionals will be under more pressure to measure program success using social sharing metrics.