CareersOur Values

We are strategic thinkers who generate awareness and demand for brands,
people and causes.

Saxum is committed to the highest level of ethics. Our employees are honest, trustworthy and maintain high moral standards. We are loyal to Saxum, our team members, our clients and our communities.
We are passionate and ambitious, but most importantly, we are respectful of our peers, our clients and everyone we work with at all times. We remain positive while managing adversity and challenges. We make sure to not only be good listeners, but to really hear what others are saying.
We are accountable to each other and our clients. In an industry where minutes could mean your reputation, we are accessible and dependable 24/7.
We are partners who provide quality, innovative and strategic solutions that drive results for our clients.
Saxum is a diverse group, dedicated to our families and our communities. Since our success is truly attributable to our team, we regularly celebrate employees’ accomplishments. We want our employees to be better people because they worked at Saxum.
We are all lifelong learners and mentors, learning from each other daily as we grow in our professional and personal lives. Leadership is valued, teamwork is required and resourcefulness is expected.
Above all else, Saxum is creative. We settle for nothing less than authentic, strategic and thoughtful in the way we approach each new challenge/each new day/each new project. We are a better bold.
As a growing organization, we know that change creates opportunities, so we remain flexible and supportive.
We reject the idea that work can't be fun. We are vibrant, fun-loving and energetic, and we love what we do.

CareersJob Openings

At Saxum, we are always looking for talent, even when there isn’t a job opening. Send us your resume, and if your skills and talents fit our needs, we’ll contact you with next steps.
Saxum is an equal opportunity employer.

Account Service

Our account service team members have backgrounds in integrated marketing communications, public relations, public affairs, marketing, research and/or digital. Account service team members must enjoy wearing lots of hats, working with a variety of clients and working in a fast-paced environment. Important skills for account service team members at Saxum: strategy, execution of tactics, problem-solving, writing, teamwork and understanding our integrated approach.


We look for team members who love coming up with creative campaigns and projects for clients, including print, video (including broadcast), Web and digital. Important skills for creative team members at Saxum: concepting, strategy, technical and software proficiency, teamwork, understanding our integrated approach and the ability to create amazing work.


The Saxumship program includes paid graduate fellowships, paid college internships and Summerships (a multi-day introduction to Saxum).


The Saxum fellowship is designed specifically for recent college graduates (one year or less) and graduate students. Fellows work approximately 30 hours per week in one of the following areas: Public Relations, Digital, Graphic Design, Marketing or Insights and Analytics.

To apply for a fellowship, send a cover letter, resume and two writing samples to Sara Walker via email at

Application deadlines:

Jan. 1 - June 30 fellowship: Oct. 15

July 1 - Dec. 31 fellowship: April 1


The Saxum internship is designed specifically for college juniors and seniors. Interns work approximately 15 - 25 hours per week. Saxum hosts three classes of interns per year.

To apply for an internship, send a cover letter, resume and two writing samples to Sara Walker via email at

Application deadlines:

Spring Internship: Oct. 15

Summer Internship: April 1

Fall Internship: June 15


The Saxum Summership includes one-on-one meetings with Saxumites, educational assignments and hands-on experiences in each of our areas of expertise (PR, advertising and digital) as students witness a day in the life of a leading integrated marketing communications agency.

To apply for the Summership, please email your resume and a one-page letter stating why you want to attend to

Application deadline:

April 15


Saxum believes that the best integrated marketing communication strategies come from well-rounded agencies that are diverse. Saxum promotes diversity in our hiring processes, as well as the makeup of our client teams.