Today, Saxum launches #OK10 – a water cooler-styled post-mortem social media experiment. Our filter is a simple question, With elections over, where do we as a state and nation go from here?

Our first question, launched at 8:30 a.m. this morning is, “What should be Mary Fallin’s top priority as governor?” Questions will follow throughout the day based on user input. Campaigning and political rhetoric is over with last night’s returns – we are much more interested in thoughtful, policy-based discussion and insights. We are utilizing our social networks, including Facebook and Twitter.  As part of this experiment, we are sharing our strategy by reaching out to the following social audiences:


  • @ reply to the most followed Oklahomans on Twitter
  • @ reply to the most politically active Oklahomans
  • @ reply to candidates
  • @reply to major news outlets
  • @ reply to select reporters
  • RTs from news outlets on election results


  • We will be asking questions on Facebook, as well, and asking our friends to respond with their comments and “like” ideas that they believe in
  • Sharing article links from RealClearPolitics, Politico, Washington Post, Newsweek and local outlets
  • Soliciting feedback from friends
  • Sharing blog posts from across the state

Finally, Saxum goes into the field on Friday in partnership with Bill Shapard’s Sooner Poll to quantitatively find out what happened. The Saxum Poll will be part post-mortem, part crystal ball for the future. Today’s experiment will seed the questions.

Please join the conversation.